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Mission Trail | Lake Elsinore, CA

Property Information

Adler Realty Investments acquired the Mission Trail Residential Project in 2005 and sold it, undeveloped, after 13 years through a 1031 exchange. This residential project consisted of 19.5-acres of residentially zoned property in Lake Elsinore, California.  The project site was bordered by vacant land to the north and south, by the current Lake Elsinore Motocross Park to the west, and by existing residential to the east.  The location was easily accessible from Interstate 15 from the Diamond Drive/Railroad Canyon Road exit. When sold, utilities were available to the project boundary.


Building Size:
Lot size: 19.5 acres
Zoning: Residential
Year Built:
Purchased: 01/20/19
SOLD: 10/15/05

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