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249 E. Ocean Boulevard | Long Beach, CA

Property Information

This property, located on 249 E. Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA consists of Class A, 10-story office building with a partial basement, an attached one-story bank branch, and a separate 4-story parking structure. The office building, built in  1981, contains approximately 109,049  rentable square feet of multi-tenant space. There is an additional 4,147 SF of ground floor retail space that is attached to the parking structure.  The office building and parking garage are situated on approximately 1.833 acres of land featuring prominent frontage along both Ocean Blvd. and Long Beach Blvd. Adler Realty Investments purchased this property in February 2003,  performed renovations of the common areas and tenant suites, executed multiple leases to stabilize the property, and sold the property in January 2018.


Building Size: 112215 sq ft
Lot size: 1.83 sq ft
Year Built: 1981
Purchased: 02/15/03
SOLD: 01/15/18

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