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Diverse Success Stories at Warner Center

We are thrilled to share some fantastic news about our leasing activity at Warner Center Corporate Park in Woodland Hills, California. The park is comprised of twelve low-rise buildings with surface parking, providing easy access to the Los Angeles freeways. Despite the ever-changing landscape of the business world, our properties continue to be hotspots for thriving companies. These recent leases not only underscore our unwavering commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our tenants but also reflect our exceptional adaptability, which continues to make us the preferred choice for businesses aiming for growth and success. 

Welcoming Fresenius: A Milestone Lease

We are delighted to welcome Fresenius, the world’s largest dialysis provider, to our space at 20931 Burbank Blvd. Their comprehensive long-term lease for the entire 21,080-square-foot building marks a milestone for us. As they finalize their custom buildout plans, they plan to occupy their space in late Q4 2024.  The building’s location had great appeal to them as it is situated across the street from the major Kaiser Permanente hospital in the area.    

Diverse Additions to Tenant Mix

New leases with Equus Workforce Solutions occupying 8,571 square feet, Zooz Fitness, for 5,940 square feet, JJ Grappling for 5,931 square feet, and the law firm of Ahour Yehoshua for 3,539 square feet were all recently executed in the last few months. These additions augment the vibrant mix of tenants in our properties, enriching the diversity of industries that call our spaces home. 

Seamless Transitions and Long-Term Commitments

US Legal’s relocated within the business park with a new 6,072 square foot space. Their multi-year lease, initiated on November 1, underscores our ability to facilitate seamless transitions for businesses with evolving spatial requirements. Entrogen also renewed with a multi-year lease solidifying their long-term commitment, which dates back to 2017.  

Innovative Flexibility at 20955 Warner Center Lane

At 20955 Warner Center Lane, the signing of a flexible lease with Splash Studios, effective from July 1, 2023, introduces a distinct and exciting element. This feature aligns seamlessly with our forthcoming development plans at the building site, illustrating a creative solution for landlord and tenant.  

Strength and Vitality of Our Commercial Properties

These recent developments showcase the strength and vitality of our commercial properties. We are excited to see the diversity and growth in our tenant base, and we look forward to continuing to provide a thriving environment for businesses of all kinds. Our commitment to adaptability, flexibility, and exceptional service remains at the forefront, making our properties an ideal choice for companies looking to grow and succeed.