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Adler Realty Investments Sells Industrial Buildings in Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles (May 15th, 2018) – Adler Realty Investments, Inc. (Adler) announced the sale of a two-building industrial property, located on Sheldon Avenue in supply constrained Sun Valley area of Los Angeles.

The property had been acquired in 2014 from a seller who was in bankruptcy and Adler worked with the courts to have the sale approved. Two thirds of property was leased back to the seller and the remainder is being marketed for lease. Adler stabilizes the property with a second tenant providing the Adler investors a steady cash flow.

The original seller had the option to purchase the property back from Adler but did not exercise option. Adler was then able to sell the buildings at a greater price providing investors a 20% annual rate of return over a four year period.

“We are pleased with the investment structure we were able to create which provided a win-win scenario for all of the parties in the transaction” said Michael Adler, president of Adler Realty Investments. “Adler continues to provide rescue capital to owners and implement creative solutions to solve financial and operational issues.”